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What is the process for setting up my product?

Kick back and unwind as we manage thetechnical details for you! Just provide your business details when placing anorder, and our team will handle all the coding on your behalf. Your productwill be delivered ready-to-use, enabling you to start promptly and gatherreviews swiftly!

Is there a monthly fee that needs to be paid?

Wave farewell to recurring fees atQuickRate! Our system operates on a one-time payment model. After acquiringyour QuickRate product, rest assured – there are no additional costs. It's asingular investment, providing complete access without the hassle ofsubscriptions.

How long does the products last?

Utilise QuickRate products without limitations—they're crafted for a lifetime of use, ensuring longevity.

Do I need WiFi or charge the products?

No charging or WiFi required! Experiencethe convenience of our wire-free, electricity-independent products.